The motivation for this mix was in trying collate some belters from my youth. Sure, I was into the emerging house scene at the time, but soul music was still a huge part of Club Culture back then.

90s hiphop

The track “New Jack City” by Wrecks-n Effect was a Game Changer personally for me (and did what Leftfield did for erm… Leftfield music), as was Ralph Tresvant’s self titled Ralph Tresvant album, Johnny Gill’s self titled Johnny Gill album, and Bobby Brown’s album Don’t Be Cruel, for a while at least, it seemed every person I met was suggesting I listen to these albums, or if I went to their house, that’s what would be on the stereo. Growing up in a musically rich and diverse environment, I was looking for records to replace the Boney M and Abba records in my head, as I had “sussed-out” that not only were they “whack”, they were of a previous era, where now I could define a soundtrack of my choosing.

I originally approached the idea of recording this set a few weeks back in a set called Brooklyn, but a couple of the tracks had some static (I tend to favour recording off Vinyl), so I thought I would try re-recording it. I tend to never play a set the same way twice, so even if I record a set that is identical in record selection, I always feel the initial recording was perfect in ways I find hard to recreate, so exact re-records tend to never to work out for me.

It goes without saying that I did deviate from the aforementioned Brooklyn as we are in the throes of Summer, I tried to select a bunch of records that were on rotation in my youth, but also sound good with the top down, and the volume on the stereo tuned up to Eleven!