This is the first attempt at compiling some favorites where at the time, the only thing that was important was owning a pair of Nike Air Jordans. I cannot put into words the level of “desire” that was evoked by this pair of trainers. I never got to own a pair, as my parents determined that sending me to a ridiculously expensive private school was more important. Suffice to say I would have exchanged schools for a pair of those trainers.

So, we didn’t have the Air Jordans, but boy was there some amazing music coming out at the time that we could and did get. I think Salt N Pepa came out with “Push It”, and from then on in, the only thing I cared about on TV or the Radio was trying to discard the “Ra Ra Rasputin” (Boney M) and “Gimme Gimme a man after midnight” (Abba) type music that was still being played on certain radio stations. At last there was music and a culture I felt connected to, that my parents either disliked, did not understand or both especially when it came to the hairstyles.

This is an “All Killer No Filler Mix” reflecting some of my youthful favorites and influences, recorded from the original vinyl releases.