Like the Air Jordans mentioned in the Brooklyn mix, there were musically life changing experiences going on the 80’s. One remembers vividly going to school one day, and a friend come up to me like a man possessed (or is that boy possessed?) – between you and me, he most certainly was possessed by something, irrefutably so! – and asked, “Have you heard about Moonwalking?”, I looked at him in a paroxysm of confusion and misapprehension, I only had a few milliseconds to convey this to him, before he jumped right in front of me, and started walking backwards without either his left or right foot ever leaving the ground, it appeared at times as if he was walking forwards, with his hand on his head almost as if he was holding a hat.

I watched breathlessly for half a minute or so as he continued, he then stopped and looked at me (you know, with that possessed look) and exclaimed “That’s Moonwalking!”. It must have been incredulous, trying to control me and the rest of class for the next few days, “Moonwalking Everywhere”.

Musically, another life changing experience around this time for me was Breakdancing. This definitely was a culture and music that no Teacher or Parent could explain to me. It is the essence of Hip Hop.


My love of Electro and Hip-Hop was immediate and ineffaceable. This mix is an attempt to communicate the sounds that were booming and breaking around this time, but is quite a difficult one for me for a couple or reasons

1. I first heard these records on the radio, or on cassettes people swapped, consequently, I never knew what most of the artists names were, a source of great if not eternal frustration, so you can image the exultation when I managed to find the names, which meant I could try get the tape, cd or vinyl.
2. Before the internet, it was a far much harder place to find the music you heard and wanted – fairly obvious observation – most of the best tunes went to people in Record Pools, or to people with enough money to get on well with the guy that worked in the Record Shop so he consistently saved the best records for you.

The records played in this mix span 20+ years of searching for these records at a time when it was very to find these records (it wasn’t digital, and people loved their Vinyl), because they came on imports, and usually the people who purchased the records were searching for them, so they never came up for sale.