I’ve been clubbing for longer than I care to mention, and like many, have been going to a large variety of gigs, clubs, festivals and concerts, with pretty much every style of music imaginable. Back in the mid nineties, I organised lucrative coach trips to Cream at Nation in Liverpool for a few years, of all the super-clubs, that is the one that stands out as it never ever disappointed, as frequently, a lot of the super-clubs failed to live up to the mark (and the hype)

Personally, most of the best nights I have ever had have been in some backend pub or cellar (take the Beehive in Bradford circa 2000 for example, playing the best Northern Soul on the planet) where you pop in for a beer or two, then end up being the last ones to be thrown out. Oslo was a bar that opened up in Leeds at the start of the noughties, and was an underground “literally” bar that felt like you were in the Flintstones. Oslo is singular in that the DJ’s that played there were pretty much the best going, no big names, but playing some of the best music you had ever heard. It was right next door to “Fibre” a popular gay bar which meant that you never got any of the louts, I never saw any trouble there (not even once), with the friendliest crowds possible week in week out.

Sadly, like a lot of the best bars, they found it difficult to survive on Friday and Saturday takings only, it was a little too dark to entice business types during the week for lunch. This mix (recorded October 2011) reminds me of “Oslo” and the “anything goes” attitude there. You wouldn’t hear hours upon hours of the same music – which tends not to work well in pubs anyway – they really mixed it up, and educated you as much as entertained.

Not a vinyl mix sadly, as most of these records cost way too much money. Influential records by A Number Of Names (cited by many as the first techno record, check this 1983 recording @ the scene) are included, as are Justine And The Victorian Punks “Beautiful Dreamer” and Paul McCartney’s Check My Machine which no-one except the likes of DJ Harvey or Daniele Baldelli could have got their hands on back in the day.

As I hope you have come to expect, “this is an all killer, no filler mix”


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