Mix recorded in Roslin, Edinburgh in 2011 which reminds me of some music mad people up there. Whenever change comes in life, one finds themselves interacting with different people, frequently wildly different to anything you have ever encountered. I love being a Chameleon in such circumstances, exchanging Deep House for Folk music, or Reggae for Opera.

It so happened that the people I was hanging around at this time, had a proclivity for non computer made music. Don’t get me wrong, computerisation has an important role in pretty much all music nowadays, especially when it comes to production. This proclivity was based around music having to be sung by singers or played by musicians. I was force fed a diet of Laura Marling, Florence + The Machine, Mumford & Sons and PJ Harvey. As my departure became imminent, I recorded this mix and passed it onto said folk, they received it rapturously.

As usual, I try to join the dots between the decades and musical styles in this mix, and contains a few tracks I was introduced to at this time.


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