I was listening to a mix-tape I made a couple of years back on a trip to North Yorkshire a week or so ago, and thought the first eight or ten tracks excellent, but the mix-tape had some poor selections however after the first ten tracks, I felt sufficiently invigorated to take to the decks this weekend to correct this.

This mix contains a lot of records that I grew up listening to on the Radio, and at the time lacked the pecuniary methods to obtain (never had the money to buy). I have already listened to this recording several times over the last day or so, and think I have managed to capture the feel and spirit of the original mix-tape. I used to listen to (reads introduced to) Level 42’s album “Running In The Family” with my Housemaster at Boarding School, which was a firm favourite of the whole dormitory for many years. I happened to play that Album for the first time in at least a decade on Saturday, and heard “The Sleepwalkers”, so there are some eternal favourites included that provide a window into my mind. “Once In a Lifetime” by Talking Heads is an all time classic and in my top ten records of all time, I hope you enjoy listening to this mix as I did recording it. If you recognise some of the tracks, don’t be put off, being a Vinyl mix, Original 12″ versions are included that you don’t find on the “Best Of” type compilations.


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