Readers of this blog will no doubt agree with me when I state that vinyl is the preferred format for listening to music. Frequently I get an idea for a mix, and want to execute it immediately, which usually means getting the CD or downloading the wav from Discogs, Beatport, Traxsource etc.

I first approached this mix digitally in the organic mix here. I was living in Edinburgh at the time – out in the sticks – so seldom had time to go record shopping (there are brilliant shops like undergroundsolushn). I subliminally start trying to find the vinyl releases, and this mix is an example of what happens when I find the Vinyl.

As stated in the aforelinked “Organic Mix”, “I Can See The Sun In Late December” by Roberta Flack is in my Top 10 records of all time. Also included are the smoked out funked up “Just for You” by the unspeakably gifted Peter Green (on Green Vinyl), sadly the press only ever talk about his Fleetwood Mac days, and his mental health battles, but he released some amazing music as a solo artist.

Usually, when one is making fresh acquaintances, a question often asked is, “What kind of music do you like?”. This mix. probably, most accurately represents records I absolutely love, I hope you will too!


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