Basement #2

The first Basement Mix has been received quite positively by a number of people which is an absolutely perfect excuse to bring out another Special Vinyl Mix.

This second mix (recorded on Saturday) contains tracks I grew up listening to as a child so is in keeping with the first one. Ineffaceable moments like my father sitting me down one day and introducing me to the Byrds, and specifically playing “5D” (fifth dimension) – which really used to confuse me as the lyrics went on about two dimensions and the such like – set against a backdrop of their other records like “Eight Miles High”, I think he was pleased, as he found that I loved the Byrds as much as he did, “I had to know all their names!”, he said, subsequently identifying David Crosby in his same record collection (on my own) when he introduced me to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (nearly played Guinnevere in this mix). Precious, Special and unforgettable Moments!