This mix was recorded before the Oakland and Brooklyn mixes, that attempt to try and capture what I was listening to in my early teens. Although still quite young, musically my taste was diverse, I loved Rock (I had a Fender Strat) as much as House music. One minute I would be listening to Inner city’s “Paradise” album or the Jungle Brothers “Done by the Forces of Nature” album, the next I would be with a friend that could be a Punk, Goth, Sikh, Muslim, Black, Rocker etc. and their influences would rub off on me.

The mistake I made with the Oakland mix, was in posting the 3 hour long version, I will be editing it down to 2 hours. A general rule of thumb is that mixes should be no longer than 2 hours (however good the records are), as it becomes too demanding on the listener, and if you cannot say what you need to in 2 hours, you will never get your message across – unless you are in a Nightclub.

I edited this mix and feel it as good as the Oakland and Brooklyn mixes, it definitely maintains the “Street” theme of sounds you heard in a lot of the predominantly Black Clubs in London in the early nineties before Jungle and Handbag House came along.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was on TV, and my Gargantuan crush on Hilary Banks (mildly put) was firmly ensconced (she really was a bit Blonde wasn’t she?).

What I like most about this mix, is that it manages to include real Hip-Hop alongside some of the best R n B and Rap from the 90’s. This literally is unrepeatable, and an instant classic, mixed on two Technics SL1210’s and a mixer using the Original Vinyl Releases.


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