Best of 2014

First signs of Christmas items for sale provide an excuse to compile my top three mixes for 2014. I realise Christmas is three months away, but these mixes “won’t be beat” as they say in these parts. To make the choice slightly easier, the list must be Vinyl only, although the three or so digital mixes recorded this year (Soulful House #1, Moonflower and Webster’s) are classics in their own right and well worth a listen!

Basement #4

When I mix the “Basement” series (#1 and #2), it tends to refer to selections from deep down in my own personal Vinyl Collection. The “Basement” mix series represents music that has been of fundamental importance to me, either through being the first quality records I ever heard (as this year’s Number 1 mix – Basement #4 showcases), or through being records that I feel will stand the test of time, it also tends to surprise people that know me, as I do love rock music, always have, always will!

The records in this mix include some of the first album covers I ever saw, and some of the first records I ever heard, that were all in my parents record collection. Santana’s “Soul Sacrifice/Head, Hands & Feet” off his Moonflower double album is a special record for me, it is just so Ethereal!

The first two hours in this mix includes records I fell in love with from my parents record collection, the hour after that continues with a more adolescent view of some of the records they got for one, and both the joys and wonders of being a child, with the final hour ending up somehow with Walter Gibbons’ rare-as-hens-teeth mix of Dinosaur L’s “Go Bang”, “Larry Heard AKA Mr Fingers” and “Charles Webster”.

Basement #3

Aside from Rock, one also grew up on a generous diet of African and Jamaican music that people are constantly finding out about, if you listen to the Johannesburg mix released earlier this year, you really start to see that the world had great parties and scenes, irrespective of where on the continent you were. If you look at some of the dates of those tracks e.g. Bongi Makeba, a track that will still decimate the dance-floor today, the Africans weren’t prolific by any means at the time, but surely some of the best club music ever made?

If you have the time, 33rpm recommends you watch the following video on William Onyeabor, who’s killer track “Good Name” is included in the Basement #3 mix

Balearica #3

The balearica mix series is encapsulated here, like the Basement mix series, it constitutes a Labour Of Love, keeping the tempo in the 90 to 120 BMP range however, I am especially pleased that the third mix made it into the Top Forty Chill Out Chart, it’s a killer mix, be sure to check it out!


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