The Red Bull Music Academy 2014 – Tokyo

Over the last decade or so, the RBMA have been instrumental in helping open up some of the biggest artists and producers to have ever lived, typically artists are interviewed in a Lecture.

As a person interested in the history of music, the main TV stations here in the UK always tend to focus on Top of the Pops as a historical document, which it is, listening to Slade and T. Rex is evocative. If we are talking disco, then programmes like The Joy Of Disco are great but it’s always Gloria Gaynor, Y.M.C.A and soundtracks like Saturday Night Fever that were so commercial they accelerated the creation of the Disco Sucks Demolition Night. What you really need to be watching to start to understand disco is Patrick Adams, Leroy Burgess, Tom Moulton or Francois Kevorkian (to name a few).

There are just far too many brilliant artists and producers to name check, when I was a child  we had a couple of editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica that I used to incommunicably enjoy, and spend hours on end reading and discovering new  and interesting facts about the world. I only wished that we had the complete set. The RBMA archives are probably the most important resource for modern day music knowledge in existence on the internet today, something mainstream TV just does not get. If you want to learn about the most important musical figures to have existed in our time (and not JS Bach or Mozart) then bookmark the lectures and go through them one at a time, you will soon come to realise just how little people know, even about records that are only 10 or 20 years old, the process is nothing but illuminating and rewarding.

I have nothing but the deepest respect and gratitude to the RBMA for what they have helped finance and support. The Tokyo Lectures are slowly coming online, I already have two recommendations;

Jah Shaka’s lecture is at times harrowing – when he discusses the battles he has had to go through – but he is a very clever man, a brilliant interviewee and a person you really have to just “shut up” and listen to!

Tony Humphries is one of those DJ’s like Norman Jay MBE. He is the DJ’s DJ, Master and a Legend, and one of the most important people as far as music production and DJ’ing is concerned, you’re not going to get this knowledge from anywhere else.

Thank you RBMA!


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