The Sounds of Blackness – The Pressure

Another classic Gospel track from The Sounds of Blackness is the Frankie Knuckles mix of “The Pressure”. This used to get played at the Ministry Of Sound in London in the main room in the early nineties, and was pure hands in the air bliss. It really did not make much sense that a Gospel song would be adored predominantly by people that were irreligious, for the minority in the crowd that were, it was “manna from heaven”.

It was Danny Rampling that turned me onto this, who would champion the track in his mixes on the radio or club mixes, or constantly go on about it in DJ Magazine or Mixmag in the nineties. A lot of people don’t know this particular mix as it is buried in House music, it was never as big a hit as “Optimistic”, but if you time this right and drop it, even the Doormen in the nightclub will have their hands in their air, with ear to ear smiles!



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