The Gospel Truth

U2 released their sixth Studio and Rattle and Hum in 1988 (the year Acid House came out) which was accompanied by a  brilliant documentary


If you have never seen this video, be advised that they don’t come better than this, you really need to get yourself a copy. In it, the band record the journey they go through recording the album, there are many standout tracks on the album where they explore many different styles of music, including Gospel.

The subject of God is a contentious one in music, especially rock music which is typically rebellious, Leather jackets, Levi jeans, Cowboy boots and Marlborough cigarettes. This really was a huge gamble for the band, as I don’t think Lemmy from Motorhead or Van Halen for example would have ever taken the risk, but U2 did, and it would go on to change the worlds perception about music where people are Singing to God, Worshiping God, and Praising their Lord.




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