The Sounds of Blackness – Optimistic

In the previous post titled “The Gospel Truth” one goes into how Gospel music became mainstream, there is absolutely no doubt that U2 were instrumental in opening the worlds ears and eyes into something that had existed right beneath peoples noses for decades.

The first huge commercial Gospel success was The Sounds Of Blackness who have been performing since 1969 and are still going strong. The track Optimistic from The Evolution Of Gospel album is a special record indeed. It’s a record even atheists love, such is the power and the purity of the lyrics and the tour de force vocals from Ann Nesby and the Sounds of Blackness. Most records produced nowadays by DJ’s and producers in their bedroom, don’t have the budget that the record companies used to spend, like an orchestra, there are 50 to 100 individual voices and no amount of technology will ever be able to replace this.

This is a record that has been in my box since the day it came out, always soothes and heals in times of trouble and strife. I don’t think it can ever be surpassed. An all time Classic!



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