Ten City – Foundation

Next up is Ten City and the classic Foundation – the third cassette tape that my hard earned pocket money was spent on – Together with the Adeva record posted earlier, the tracks on both albums would come to define “Garage” what some call “Soulful House” nowadays.

The album is singular in that it also came to define deep house. Mr Fingers classic “Can You Feel It” from 1986 is what I regard as the Genesis event for Deep House, it is almost the National Anthem for quality dance music, and a great litmus test for assessing whether someone will like deep house, I’m yet to meet someone that does not like that record. For me it is the track “Suspicious” that is precocious, but being produced by none other than Marshall Jefferson (sometimes known as the father of house music) should we be surprised?


Devotion is a track that DJs like Danny Tenaglia have in their all time favourites list and it’s easy to see why , falsetto voiced Perfection comes from Byron Stingily who is imperious throughout the album.

The anticipation for this album was enormous, as it came out over a year and a half after tracks like “Right Back To You” and “That’s The Way Love Is” started getting action from DJs on the radio everywhere. Both tracks were huge hits globally, though it is worth getting the 12″ versions as well if you can e.g. the b side to “Right Back To You” contains “One Kiss Will Make It Better (House Mix)” a beyond magnificent record.

Some of Chicago’s finest!




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