Kruder and Dorfmeister – The K&D Sessions

Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister completely took the world by storm with their classic 1998 release “The K&D Sessions”. I had first become aware of Kruder and Dorfmeister several years earlier, listening to Gilles Peterson on his Kiss FM show in London in around 1993 with their track “High Noon” that was completely massive at the time. R-170440-1260579320_jpeg Fast forward a few years, I heard their  DJ-Kicks mix CD through  a friend at University, I could not find a copy as much as I tried back then, certainly another release worth trying to get a copy of. R-2951-1310897587_jpeg Listeners of this mix CD were scarcely surprised with their next main offering “The K&D Sessions”, as the DJ Kicks mix CD only made listeners rapacious for more of their music. By the time “The K&D Sessions” came out mix CD’s were “one a penny”, they were expensive but there were a lot of truly dreadful releases that were complete “bubblegum” – lasting fleetingly, if at all. The challenge anyone under the age of twenty has in listening to an album like “The K&D Sessions” today is that they generally don’t have the attention span to really listen to the music from start to finish, if they do, they lack the context and almost religiosity required to listen to an album from the start to finish without skipping, skimming or shuffling. This isn’t a criticism, it’s just that finding music through the internet is more about individual tracks rather than albums, especially with dance music. Listening to a classic album like “The K&D Sessions”  on a website like youtube track by track in any order, is like reading a book backwards and choosing the chapters at random, the recommendation with this release is to listen to it from start to finish. k7 will be releasing this on Vinyl, CD, WAV and MP3 in April and have already started taking orders.


Unfortunately their first early bird quantities are already sold out (from their website).

That was fast! We’ve already sold out of our initial early bird web store quantity. Fear not though, we have more vinyl on the way, and should be back in stock by end of day Friday 20th of February.

What Kruder & Dorfmeister managed to pull off here was to create a musical landscape unlike no other, much like a good book with a story to tell, it’s a wonderfully programmed, engaging and outstanding showcase of artistry. I guess as the saying goes, “snooze, you lose!”.            


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