Plastic Bertrand – Stop Ou Encore

Another italo-disco nugget (and what fashion from Mr Roger Allen François Jouret!)

A head scratcher as to how one gets from the previous video to this sublime track, a little trippy, a little jazz-funk but still sounding very italo-disco (even though this is from Belgium).



Gaznevada – I.C. LOVE AFFAIR

One of those tracks I used to hear on cassette tapes back in the day, but never ever stood a chance of finding out who the artist was, too young, I wasn’t going to the clubs. It’s quite remarkable that there is a video, classic stuff.

You could drop this in a techno club today.

Massara ‎– Margherita

All the key elements of an italo-disco record are in the first video posted, if one is frank, it’s a little on the cheddary side (cheesy), the synchronised dance moves and fashion harks back to a time when music was fun.

The magical thing about the wave of italo disco records that came out of Europe in the late seventies to mid eighties, was that they almost always contained instrumentals – to what usually were awfully sung songs – nine times out of ten they were better than the main record on side a, these were known as the b sides of 12″ record’s.