Basement #1 Demo

The Basement mix series has been a chance to expose some of the parental (and family) influence one had musically, records I still play today.

I vividly remember one day my father playing a record by Herbert von Karajan, and me thinking what on earth is that, what on earth is it? It was very powerful moment, the first time you really hear classical music and start to understand what is going on (listen to the third hour in Basement Mix #4), you suddenly realise you are not on earth in that one feels that they are in a place of absolute and indescribable beauty, so my sister and I approached him at once in a state of absolute confusion, and he lovingly took some time to explain fully what classical music is, what composition is and so on, in the coming days and weeks he had budding flautists and clarinet players to contend with.

Presently, the basement mix series is available in parts 1 to 8 (not including this original demo), the series has taken over three years to compile thus far, finding all the original and relevant Vinyl in some cases. 15 years ago it was such a big deal as a budding DJ to be able to record a decent set, and distribute it via cassette trying to get booked for gigs, pubs and clubs.

This is the original demo, the one that kicked things off, and gave me the idea to start to make a determined effort to try encapsulate this music, because one seldom if ever, hears it anymore.

As ever this is a Special “Vinyl Only” mix, recorded on two turntables, and a mixer.


2 thoughts on “Basement #1 Demo

  1. Hello, my name is Mark and my email address is MCFF2982@AOL.COM

    I am a nephew of David Mancuso, his 1st and oldest nephew.

    If you haven’t heard, my Uncle passed away.

    I didn’t hear the interview, because I live in PA, but would like to obtain a copy (vocal) if possible.


    Please respond.

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