Sun Palace – Rude Movements

I guess back in the nineties when music was underground, the quest for most DJ’s was to find great records that no-one else was aware were any good, many club nights were based on this principle, invariably, successful underground clubs had their own sound and culture. I have always been fascinated with the music both musicians and DJ’s have an affinity with – not that the public doesn’t have a great choice mind – there is usually an unexpected perspective, a feeling, a devotion when one hears favourite music being discussed.

Rude Movements by Sun Palace is one of those magical tracks that works across the board. If you appreciate quality music, then you are in for a treat with this Mike Collins produced classic, championed by David Mancuso at the Loft.

There is an excellent write-up on Mike Collins available here. Interesting to find out that he is connected to Bjork’s “Play Dead” another stone cold classic.

Only 10 000 copies were originally released, with second-hand copies seldom being available through the years, so the only affordable version of this track was on a bootleg, so great to see Mike Collins has made available an official release on BBE.

Also worth having a read is the original blog post by Mike before this release.