The Mole People ‎– Break Night

It is an onerous task, to try and choose a Top 50, let alone a Top 10 for the label Strictly Rhythm, a label as important as the Apple label by the Beatles, every home should have a least one Strictly Rhythm record.


For me “Break Night” by The Mole People (‎a pseudonym of Armand Van Helden) is the perfect 03:00AM to 04:00AM record, before you start playing records by Ron Trent and Chez Damier or Moodymann. It’s a long track that builds and builds, one you can get lost in, it’s the frequency of the bass that gets you on a world class sound system.

I first became aware of Armand Van Helden the summer “Professional Widow” by Tori Amos and “Sugar is Sweeter” by CJ Bolland came out, records that the people of Harrow in particular took a liking to. It was Flowerz however that I liked the most around the time the press were talking about a Sunday all dayer in New York by François Kevorkian and Joe Clausell called Body and Soul, Flowerz was an anthem there, and here in the UK as well, a timeless record.

Unlike a lot of the Vinyl I sometimes play, you can buy this and other classic Strictly Rhythm tracks at their website.


20/20 Vision Recordings Mix

The 20/20 Vision Recordings record label has remained one of the best record labels in the UK for the last 20 years releasing hundreds of 12″ Singles and Albums from Artists all over the world. The general rule of thumb is to avoid anything cheesy, at all costs. Ralph Lawson maintains an excellent blog where he has been putting a lot of people out of their misery by recording mixes showcasing some of the records that were being played at the culturally defining nightclub that is Back to Basics in Leeds.

My take on Ralph through reading news articles and listening to interviews, is that he is always focused on the future, and seldom has time to discuss the past, especially if it relates to music, but for a great many of us, the world wasn’t what it is today where records could be consumed immediately by the entire world. For a great many people, you went to Basics and might find out about a record like ‎”We Are One” by D.J.Q., or “The Day We Lost The Soul / Tribute! (To The Soul We Lost)” by Moodymann, but for the most part, you just remember having the time of your life, even when Ralph was playing on KissFM in Yorkshire, he would start off with a track like Nothing-Stays-The-Same by MD-VS-LR-Feat-Mike-Dunn, fat chance you had of ever finding a copy in local record shops.

The first Ralph Lawson record I fell in love with was “I Remember Dance” by Chuggles, that you would hear on the pirate radio stations in London, as well as at the Ministry Of Sound. House music became quite confusing then, with all the Genres that the press kept coming out with e.g. Happy House, Hard House, Deep House, Handbag House, Piano House and so on but 20/20 Vision Recordings remained one of the most consistent labels just putting out quality releases. I worked with a bunch of DJ’s at the time when 20/20 Vision Recordings  was gaining traction, it was very competitive, so if someone bought of copy of this 20/20 record you had to buy one that they didn’t have, so at one stage we had pretty much every release up till the mid noughties on Vinyl

This is just me trying to pick some 20/20 vision records that you probably have not heard that I still enjoy. Don’t forget that you can get both new and classic 20/20 Vision releases from their website or beatport or juno.